How can a software engineer contribute to combat problems around the periphery of Covid Pandemic Ep17 by karan bhandari

How can a software engineer contribute to combat problems around the periphery of Covid Pandemic Ep17 by karan bhandari

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Startup India demand for solutions:

Open source corona Datasets:


Some software engineering solutions during the Pandemic

Opensource genomic health realted datasets

Robo kit to fight corona

IOT Hubs compared

Examples of IOT in health care

Example of Arduino sensors

Corona innovation challenges:

Make your own zoom/skype like platform for your org with the aid of AWS chime

Approximate Transcript of the podcast

Greetings and welcome you are listening to the technology icing presentation by Karen Bhandari and in this episode we will be covering how you, as a software engineer, how you as a system engineer, how you as a full stack developer, help in the Corona crisis.Well, most of your wondering, you’re working from home and you’re thinking how can I contribute? And many of you have this block. OK, I’m not a medical expert. I do know how to fix the symptoms. I don’t know how to. It’s the health line. OK, it’s not for me, no. I think this crisis demands help from across the gamut and software engineering. Such a field that it can be plugged into any domain.Any which way an everything interfaces with the software. If you are working on even a semi automated solution, it all interfaces with the software. OK, let’s cut to the solution ING. What are the problems?Our existing that you could pitch in you could contribute with your help. I know that all of you have unlimited resources at your end with the help of I’m not talking in terms of monetary, but you know computing resources.I application of services or systems or services you have digital ocean as you are a WS Google cloud platform all at your disposal for just a few cents. You could like spin up clusters and do things so.You could make your own solution running for almost free. Of course you can listen to my episode on how to use the cloud for almost free, so first solution.You could think of is a fake news detection. I think most of the people right now are flooded with recipes or tricks on how to overcome the virus. I think it will be good if you know they can get a faith score against it in the sense how verified it is OK. This has been verified by Reuters. This has been tried verified by Bloomberg where verified by.Or you know, some particle that Google News has got into. Or maybe, uh, how genuine it is. Has it been made by a deep fake we technology or not I think fake news detection is definitely something that the government wants to control. Not just in India but all across the world. Because it could be misleading. An it could strike panic. The second thing is logistics.Today there’s a lot of emphasis on no contact delivery of essential items of medicines, so there are products out there that assist you to do it. But so many enterprises want to get into this contact list delivery way. So what you could do is you could hook into the APIs of one of the existing startups that offer logistics, like for example in India there is done so there is.V is something that a career agency that starts with V care that is my portal for truck services and you could connect it to you. Know some Kirana stores to help them with doing this kind of logistics and also maybe add.A new twist to it by, you know, asking some NGOs to pitch in with, uh, you know, a sales of masks, sanitizers, an extra layer to just, you know, sanitize their equipment. The third one is cloud Management Today you should be able to figure out.How to manage crowds if if large people are not gathering at one particular point?Maybe you know sometimes you could also use a drone with heat sensing cameras. This is as per the startup India government. They have government. They have launched startup in their challenges. Take a look at the website and see what kind of solutions they are asking for their movement tracking to see how to track people. So if you would have heard of.I don’t guess you to have that was launched by India. I know it was a privacy nightmare. There’s a debate going on, but I thought it was very Noble and very time saving and innovative of them to, you know, think of such a solution because it’s very difficult to track who met home and I think are against it too, is a good way for.The government to find out how and who came in contact with whom. I think you could.You know also ensure that since you’re enterprises, may have could have applications that could help you with such a thing, but Beware of exposing publicly identifiable information because I think I would say to one French hacker had shown how it could access health data for other people, which I don’t think is advisory is, so just be aware of the security aspect.Geofencing is one way that could help you to, you know, track who entered which area or think Android and Apple have good APIs to help you with Geo fencing. Qualcomm’s also got good instincts that can assist you.The other one is called Comestic would also help you with finding out what are the hobbies. Approximate age range of the person, what kind of inconvenience they have. It could help you with those kind of information and then people want contactless entry. You know now you should not have fingerprint thing. You should maybe scan the iris of the person and allow him in.And or maybe read the Heat signature of the person, facial recognition for AI based contactless entry. And you could also help with.I show all the manufacturers right now they use a technology called C&C to manufacture items so CNC requires some some a computer program GM codes to be fed into the system, and then it makes.You know it makes the product higher by using subtractive manufacturing. Now there is another kind of manufacturing called additive manufacturing, so where you can use it free software like blender 3D an you know, make things that you could actually print. You could either rent the printer out in an agency for $20.00 an hour, $5 an hour, depending on which country or staying in there are many 3D printing windows out there where you can upload your design and they will print it out. Or if you could manage.You know a 3D printer for something like $70,000, and then you could also help with.These protective mask will you know, or maybe some equipment that can help to absorb the droplets. Some low-cost masks. I think you would have seen the plastic we’ll heading from straight from the head to the bottom. I think not to not take stream button but in the chest level. I think you could print these out because it’s small enough an.But then you know there are, uh.All these cloud providers like Amazon and Google have these genomic datasets that are published so you can see.Clusters and patterns of DNA sequences. That’s maybe an advanced level, but maybe you could go to a more.You know rudimentary way. Like for example, you could use Apple’s like like one company used Apple Watch technology to find out whether or not he would develop a heart attack, whether or not he’ll develop respiratory problems, whether or not they develop depression, because by looking at your pulse you know you have alot of fitness equipments. Today Fitbit Alta you have.You have some adreno base to Bell Street monitoring devices that could you know, like you could just have a wristband type of thing that goes around your arm and it could measure the pulse. An today mental stress is a big issue so.You could assist.With by using existing datasets you could train the animal models. You could also come out with so you know a lot of covert related datasets of also being exposed. For example, there is over 19 open research data set which has more than 30,000 articles on text mining so.So you could use that to make a chat bot four FA, QS. Uhm, you could make.I automatic health advising systems like if you know today doctors are flooded with messages because they have been urged in many countries to be available.By text messaging Becausr Today you can’t get an appointment at the hospital, so they will suggest you something that you could take from home or buy from the contactless medical stores around you to help you to fix whatever is going wrong in your body. And then John Hopkins University has also released there.Epidermal logic or data set and although European center of Disease Control has also released their COVID-19 data set, an also the hospital capacity estimation.Oh has also release the data sets, so you could find out if where is the nearest hospital for users for your company employees if they feel symptoms and maybe even take a self assessment test before you know actually approaching the doctor to rule out if it’s not and covert symptom an you know the World Bank indicators that are relevant to cover 19 is also available. I’ll put all of these in the.Show notes, then the Ministry of Health of many nations have released some data sets so you could see a lot of.Initiatives going on in that realm.You have hacker cause of hackers dot IN which has some competitions exposed there and people tweeting about solutions. So one very heavily demanded product is something like a ventilator respirator. So softwares around it so fast to interface with it.Or if you could 3D print some small subsections of it to help the company and you know supply to it that could be of help an.You could also see if, uh, you know if if you could give aways help the stores around you to go online to be available on, you know these E Commerce platform or maybe use some WordPress plugin to help them to come onto the E Commerce platform.Shopify experiences for them so that you know the UM.Oh, don’t run out of business and don’t run out of the monetary means to be alive. And many companies are not able to survive the lock down.You could also interface with the, you know some iot sensors that so as you’re a WS Cisco sales force.Have all have excellent iot platform. So how do these iot platforms help? Your device can initially register. So if suppose you have insulin censored or if you are also available. If you have you know, temperature sensor humidity is and so you can connect you to add Reno or Raspberry Pi kit an you could you know send or register that particular kit with one of these cloud platforms in a secure manner and then you do. You can also you can have.Aggregated view of the datasets that you have by looking at these iot platforms, helpers, enablers.And, uh, you could you know interface with this and make solution so you think? How do you production is it? I think if you just so if you go to Amazon, you’ll see Raspberry Pi cases. You’ll find adrenal cases and I think some of them have even got enough room for a putting a sensor in that. Could you know assist you with various things an you know some people have metal touch sensor distance in so.Temperature sensor infrared sensors. These can be interfaced with Adrino Pie. The joysticks for controlling drones. Now drone delivery will also be something you could also test if you know some people have also made some iot devices that you can ingest into your body and you know it. You can also see whether your blood is coagulate Ng or not and whether.You know your respiratory system is intact or not, which I think of Corona and the final stage causes you a lot of respiratory issues and there is a whole set of robots that you can get from the Robo App Store. An right small snippets are program to maybe just press if you detect a hand below, press some sanitizer to.You know, clean the hands, hand over a tissue paper to them.Today, most of the faith in a shop will be governed by.Are you able to maintain help the users or the customers to maintain social distance or not? So imagine a grocery store if they enforce 22 meter distance between each one an if the sanitized you before you enter. If you allow only 20 people in the store then then you know customer develops faith in you. That OK, I will not fall sick if I.6070% of cases. If I enter your store, be cause of the precautionary measures you’re taking an airline company who will just offer the entire suit to wear top to bottom, or maybe provide some UV cleaning and you know, be very finicky about health and hygiene. I think these are the kind of organizations that that help that you know may give the perception to the customer that you are being safe. I.Tink will attract customers like for example in Denmark when restaurant meat like an entire shell made up of plastic so that you know no other person could talk to them. Or you know the infection that aren’t could not spread to them. So these experiences that you provide will be remembered by people an.Banking I. In general, many of them have started exposing, you know open banking API there is PayPal that is tribe that helps you to exchange payments for contactless or cash lash kind of transactions an.I think you should. There are not just these.Solutions that need manufacturing even if you need to do manufacturing, it’s easier now with thanks to the help of.3D printing but even non manufacturing. There a lot of demands and there’s so many datasets that are there that can help you to. You know, detect clusters of types of people who could contract virus who could not contract virus maybe did you know do cross correlation with that? I’m like OK 10 days ago with this with this temperature with this humidity with this blood pressure this person was.Oh, in the 10th day of Corona, before showing any signs of symptoms, because many of you would have heard of 14 day or period before the symptoms starts showing. So you know you could take a time series data sets of various test results and come out with prediction models. You could use Google Colab too. You know. Test out your email solutions in terms of flow. It’s free of cost.Um?And Oh yeah, you know, just get hacking and try to help your organizations. Or maybe you yourself can close your nose and jumping into, you, know, providing solutions to help.The crisis overcome the crisis you have. You have a lot of sensors that you can purchase. If you want to get into, you know some more.Vis, in which you could do.Contribute an even in messaging solutions. You could help with summarization using an LP techniques for some people who are quite busy, like for example doctors.Uh, what transcripts and a lot of things could be summarized with the help of an LP. So get cracking an don’t be, you know, distributed by the fact that you are not a medical expert. I think everyone and anyone can contribute.To overcome the pandemic, I think I have recorded this quite late we.I have already crossed 40 days into the pandemic and I think it’s never too late be cause even post this. I don’t know. Whenever it ends there will be a sense of caution an we don’t want you know, a relapse of it. So get cracking. Hope you come out for the innovative solutions. Take care, bye, stay safe, stay at home as much as possible.

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