Office Productivity Tools For Developers by Karan Bhandari

Office Productivity Tools For Developers by Karan Bhandari

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Hello everyone and welcome to episode 16 of the technology icing podcast you were listening to. Current bhandari or technical lead in so sheated generally and in this episode I will be covering office Productivity Tools.The most important office productivity tool I feel, is GitHub.You can go to the project section and.Have a Kanban try type of food where you can have leans to do in progress done.Very similar to Trello, GitHub can not only keep.The source code.But also manage your projects just like how Trello is doing.GitHub I’m also using it as a documentation engin. There, Vicki Section. You can make markdown files, and if you don’t know how to write markdown files, you can always click on create new issue an. I’m using GitHub like an image server, I just drag and drop an image that gives me a unique URL in my personal life I have this unlimited storage given by GitHub an I give whoever I want, I just give them the URLs I drag and drop any image to the new issue. When you click on issues new issue.An I can compose text, bold it underlying it, have headings an insert links. You know I can just drag and drop a file like PDF or document and or maybe a zip file an I can share it with someone who cares about the limits that are given by Google drive or one drive. I just drag and drop stuff that I can make links. There is one important file format called markdown. I even write my emails on GitHub.And then I copy paste on outlook or Gmail and that way the other person receiving the email gets a lesser size becausr all your images files are hosted on GitHub.Please note that your your URLs and images will be public. If someone gets to know your URL, but if your URL is not known to the public, no one will get to know. Very similar to Google drive link sharing.GitHub has many more capabilities. For example cross team collaboration.Even you know send private messages for Krepo’s work on open source solutions, not just for developers, but I’m using it for documentation for wiki pages as well as project management like quick agile Kanban board can be made in GitHub Project section.And yeah, if you are looking for a more dedicated tool, you have jira with you. Angira has API provided so you can, you know, send an email as soon as issue is created or maybe started build gira, gira and GitHub could be integrated with each other. You can mention task you can work in an agile fashion, define, you know, get lot of charts like team velocity an track your time there, a lot of organizations are using data.Track people in the sense today, if you have eight hours we created to has called meetings, you create a task called lunch and you create a task. You create individual task for the development activities for office related activities. Even for labor work. You people can go into the task and click on. OK I want to log to us today. I want to log one out today or half an hour today. So that way you’ll get to know what the person or your Co developer or your team members doing within the 8’s.And if you are you looking for a free version like a free premium version of jira vests, Microsoft Teams is extremely good. You can not just maintain you know your project documentation that you can also integrate with GitHub as well. As you know, start builds. It gives you a free build server for up to five users and you can create task in a very hierarchical fashion for free. I mean, Gina is a paid version.But I take Jira cost around 10 users 10 USD but vests. You can start for free teams or It has different names we used seems an you can have a hierarchy of epics under that features and stories and issues and tasks. You can create this kind of hierarchy and even Wii Kay Reich is quite good with team management.It gives you 2GB of storage with Google drop box and has some basic task view WRIK and there are some open source task management solutions to if if you want to use Trello. I think Trello offers you a free only Kanban only view, so you can only view one board where you can move things from to do in progress.Done things like that, but then Jira is. If you want. Jerrod vests can give you that hierarchy that time management view the project management view and I apart from the office tools like Jira and GitHub, you you will spend a lot of time in emails.And emails today the only thing that I see in the offices I have about 3000 unread emails. But I try my best to get to the more focused email so outlook has released a new feature called focused and non focused. So it will try to take out, you know system generated emails like for example Jenkins is generating emails you get you know newsletters. So it very similar to Gmail’s promotion stabs outlook has this feature.Annum I feel that if you um don’t want our specific service you just want to sign up for a service but you don’t want to check the emails of that particular agency when once again you can use a service like mailinator you can create an email like your first name dot last name at melanated or man it’s a public thing OK so make sure that if you want to subscribe get promo codes get coupons use mailinator don’t use your official.Inbox, but then this is public in nature, so it’s OK for the marketing emails to to be public. And if you get an OTP.Uh, make sure it’s not connected with money. It’s only connected with activation of your account. Make sure there is no account that you created mailinator that is associated with credit card. and I think you can use more.Uhm, you know better you know more organizing tools that sits on top of your email. For example, get organizer. It does not have support for Gmail, but any M PS provider and get organizer can clean your inbox and categorize it to different folders. There’s also something called a screen email which is $2 per month. That can help you to organize automatically based on some keywords. And of course outlook has a rule based thing, but in using other services you can use some milk based approach to.Learn what you are doing and then at remembers by itself and while composing email I told you just composing the issue page of GitHub and paste it in the email your formatting is taking care of your your you have more control of. You know things like spacing because Have you ever struggled with copy pasting from something and pasting an email does not fit very well. Then there is Grammarly.And Gramma Lee helps you to, you know structure. Your sentence is and make sure you’re not using. You know some less powerful words, for example.It will create more impact if you if you use some alternate words that are more. There are slightly more active in nature rather than passive. For example, I’m handling this issue.Is a slightly less powerful compared to.You know this issue is being looked into an.I think you should try to make your use an active phrase rather than a passive phase so that it shows that you’re in control of things. An Grammarly may be able to help you with such things.I know in office um Ms office is the best, but then if you don’t want to pay for the license then Libre office is there but it’s not there yet. It’s you know a lot of formats are not being transferred over. I think Ms office is a necessary tool that you have to get. You can write Plugins, for example Excel plugin using Excel DNA and you can write formulas by yourself using C Sharp code. You can use macros an you can use C Sharp to.You write Plugins, JavaScript to write Plugins in Ms Office. Ms Office is damn powerful. Of course. Google is a very important content of they have APIs as well. If you’re using the Google Business sweet and so who Mail what I do is when I purchase a domain I if I want FREE Email address is 0 is so who gives 5 three email addresses?I know, yeah, no beyond office your your email.There is this. WhatsApp management?What one could do to hand?Will WhatsApp is OK connected to to connect it your desktop and that allows for easy copy pasting or you know replying to multiple people at a very rapid pace. However, if you want other people also to manage your words have for example call your wife to manage with you called one of your secretary to manage WhatsApp because I’m receiving 1000 plus messages then you can use.Call Bell CALLBL or KALEYRA Kyle era.And of course with WhatsApp, what next comes to your mind is photo is Adobe. Adobe Lightroom is a paid version, or you could use Picasa. Or if you are feeling slightly more powerful, like if you feel that you know you could use algorithms like machine learning algorithms to organize your photos, you can use Microsoft Cognitive Services an they are available for per photo. I think they will charge you sent.And no, they can automatically organize all the photos for you because it can give you the key words if you just upload an image, it will give you the key words and then based on the keywords you can sort it to directories. There is jet photo studio which is free.And the next in line to photos is files. You can use CC cleaner to remove your duplicate MP threes documents. There is all dupe CC cleaner can clean your web browsing history, temporary registry, temporary files and just you know after every Microsoft upgrade you just all of a sudden windows just talk starts occupying fight and GB here and there. I think it can help you. Then the other one is accounting.I’m not very well aware of the.Speed versions of course tally is quite popular in India, but but yeah, for the free ones I use Jianu cash. There is zip books or wave or OK credit dot IN web based one and here you can maintain different accounts for example expense, income. You can group your expenses into various sub categories. You can have different kinds of income accounts maintained and then it can generate balance sheets in the end or profit loss statement.And next is events. Uhm, it’s easy to create events using town script for event brite and you can easily integrate with Google calendar and down script in Eventbrite can help you to even have an organizer app and that organizer app can scan a queuer code because every time someone joins the event you can have a free event or a paid event and if you have a free event also you can use it for attendance tracking so it’s very easy to.And you know all event related messages could be put into event Brite.And now this ends event section. Next is, you know, just team collaboration vests as I had mentioned, is the best. The second is share point which has a jive SharePoint OneDrive. You can create your own and Office 365 course you can create.Your in house YouTube. Your in-house document management system in house idea management system. Like you know, create a topic. People put ideas, create discussion boards create. You can just keep your files in it. Keep videos in it, group it by topic by teams, by projects within a team. It’s quite powerful using either Jive, SharePoint or vests freed SharePoint OneDrive appeared.And if you want to store a lot of artifacts, like for example OK, you made something you want others to use it soon are Nexus is quite good. It’s not just you made something and someone can use it just like that. But you can also manage DLL’s Jr files, have your own maven repository, have your own MPM net worth a tree or new git repository. And so now if you want to keep it for yourself like a private version the Sonatype Nexus.Is available as a docker image.Sometimes you just want to run a piece of code you don’t want to install. You know Visual Studio VS code via Square is a most powerful tool. I use it for markdown for GitHub as well. As you know, all kinds of programming languages Python VS code is enough. For me, Visual Studio code. I think that is the best tool. But then if you don’t want to install any tool and you just want to run, you know.A piece of C Sharp code piece of pipe.If you wanna just run code then you can use a WS Lambda or as your function. I think up to 1,000,000 times you can run for free and after that they can. They’ll charge and sometimes you just need a machine for five minutes for 10 minutes for running some job or batch. Or just run the computation without you know you’re running something. I think a WS code build is an amazing thing, it just gives you a machine for two minutes. It takes the script file like a shell script.You could make the shell script call or piece of code an without you installing any software you can use a WS code bill for one minute 2 minutes 10 minutes and it will charge you just one cent.No per minute, which is very low. And of course if you want to use development environments, docker with elastic unity service and as your community service is amazing and just in case if you have too much free server space and if you unfree, computing resources becausr your employees sleep for eight hours in the day, you can host it.And now you make money out of it. You cannot make it available for people to host websites. There is WHMCS solutions, we have host management control systems that can help you to monetize on these assets. These are some of the office productivity tool kits. I’m sure there are many more that people are using for their day-to-day work.We’ll see is damn good to reduce video size is.Image editing paint jimp is good. Inkscape is good if you want it to be. Uhm, you know, zoomable, an be like SVG vector format.Or did I many more tools that are there in the office Arsenal, but in the interest of time I am going to end this podcast now. Hope you enjoyed it. Take care and wish you a productive era ahead. Take care bye.


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