Use Cases of Text to voice

Use Cases of Text to voice

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1. We beings are plagued by smartphone notifications. If you want your message to have an impact – you need to call them. But do you really have the time??? No? Then Kurtzace ‘s “Text To Voice ” is what you need.?? You just send a text message and the receiver receives a phone call with that message at a time you desire.

2. It is your big day? You want to remind your relatives about the same. Due to their busy schedule they miss your calendar/ facebook invite/mails / texts / whatsapp.

Why don’t you call them?

Who has the time??? You have errands to accomplish on your big day.
Why don’t you let “Text to voice “do the calling for you. You put a text against multiple recipients . Text to voice will place a call at a specific interval to those recipients.

3. Old/ wise / busy individuals tend to miss your notifications?
Text to voice will make calls on your behalf.


4. Your significant other is driving?
do not distract him / her while driving.?? Allow them to receive your short call via their car or Bluetooth headset.
Text to voice will enable you to do so.

5. An emergency message should always be conveyed by a short call,
don’t have the staff to place a call of this magnitude?
Feed your message to ” Text to voice ” ,it will call each and every staff member on your behalf and convey the message to them.

6.?? You are a political party or a student seeking votes for captaincy?? and want to reach out to your potential followers?
Use “Text to voice “

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