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We are elated about the launch of our new product "Real Post" Which is accessible by visiting Send physical post/letter from the convenience of your device. Avoid round trip to the postage center. Whether getting your own print outs home delivered, transmitting invoices hard copy to customer or sending Statement of purposes to an illustrious university overseas. Real Post can transmit tangible physical copies of Document and Text messages without the associated pain of sending one. Currently only black/white under 600KB PDFs and text messages are supported. Our association and partnership with India Post makes it the cheapest online Snail Mail provider. Companies like, LOB, click2mail, postmail, try paper and Kite offer their postal API per letter/page starting at 1.5 USD. But Real post offers the same for a mere 0.35 USD. The cheapest! Pricing is updated regularly Currently we have launched the desktop version and is mobile friendly too. iPhone and iPad users also need not worry about how to upload files from your device - because we offer file access from your google drive, dropbox and skydrive account too. This is in beta phases and still undergoing product testing phases. But it is completely usable. Coming up: Integration with Excel (to send invoices), Mobile Apps, Uploaded file preview, photos sending and API documentation

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Kurtzace is an umbrella of products that "Infuse excitement". Our products simplify your life and reduce your pain. We are creators of "Text To Voice", Kurtzac ePage and numerous more that are currently in our pipeline.

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