Automation – The Pocket Friendly way- Ep6 by Karan Bhandari

Automation – The Pocket Friendly way- Ep6 by Karan Bhandari

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Vision /Speech/Search/Anomally Automation

Jira API

Automate SMS/CALL/Whatsapp or

Powershell cheatsheet

Mailbox automation

Puppetter for automating browser without opening browsers

Jenkins Pipeline

Alternatives to Puppetter: Protractor, Webdriver+Selenium or

Webpack for react/angular builds tasks

Nodejs automation book

Desktop Automation Robojs


Make your api

Make your desktop app

Previous episode on Docker

Azure CLI

Top Excel Libraries: npoi or epplus or xls-to-json

About the author

With an overall experience of 7 years and masters from CSU, USA Karan possess expertise in numerous domains ranging from .NET MVC/WebApi, Java, web apps and native apps. Created multiple mobile apps in Android, web app, iOS & Win 7.5&8. Microsoft Certified in MVC5. Angular JS certified. Currently I am helping Société Générale with a series of applications as a full stack developer involving Dot Net Core 2.0 WebApi, angular JS, Oracle DB, SSAS cubes, React Web components. Prior to that my stint with Infosys involved creation of an automation framework for VISA client using Node JS. Made multiple proof of solutions around Framework of Commonwealth Bank of Australia from Bangalore utilizing .NET MVC, Angular JS, Node JS and JWT identity protection. After revamping the service access layer of ANZ goMoney Android application, I worked on its Unit test framework, Gradle toolset, Location based services. Following that I had assisted ANZ Wallet team with tap and pay application using NFC, HCE and GCM. Beyond that my services were used to rewrite NAB Mobile App with cutting edge development practices like dependency injection, material design, testing, build and support libraries .I was responsible for crafting a few UI screens and spearheaded the performance initiative for Android app utilized by DirecTv field service technicians via Infosys,Worked in Bank Of America via Infosys in mobile division USA, NC for 2yrs., prior to that- TIBCO, CA. My profile is, project portfolio is





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