Be the Lion of the Tech Food Chain Ep3 by KaranBhandari

Be the Lion of the Tech Food Chain Ep3 by KaranBhandari

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You are living in the best of the times


Network /Participate/ Compete

  • (.NET/Nodejs/Android/java/bigdata/ML/IOT) communities
  • Hackathons
  • Hackerrank, codeathons, college fests, Startup challenges
  • Present a paper
  • Never eat lunch alone
  • Travel
  • Force your self to be an extrovert (the in the design thinking lines)


Your online presence

  • Github
    • Contribute to open source projects
    • Look at issues of projects and raise a Pull-request to fix it
    • Help in documentation of frameworks
  • Stack overflow
    • When you are stuck and oblivious of solution – post a question online
    • Respond to questions
  • Behance/Dropr
    • Document your projects here
    • Ensure each project has video / text / image
  • FB/Insta/ twitter
    • Mark your technical achievements as public
    • Check-into conferences, events, competitions, seminars
  • Itunes Kindle
    • try to launch a book
    • Start a radio station
  • Write blogs

Manage Time


New ways of Job hunt

  • Hollywood principle – ( they should call you)
  • No online
  • Judge (possible recruiter) from event should be audience to your speech
  • While asking doubts as audience– tech presenter seeks spark in you
  • While fixing github issue – company decides to onboard you
  • Someone is stuck with a problem – your answer on stackoverflow will entice them

Book: what is the colour of parachute


Equip yourself

  • Keep your videos of portfolio in your phone
  • Business card
  • Research the person on linkedin before meeting them.
  • Develop an automation mindset
  • Get a kindle
  • Bluetooth headphones
  • Install pluralsight, trello, kindle, podcast addict, coursera, udemy

For personal projects: thou shall not reinvent the wheel

  • Authentication / Authorization
  • Payments
  • UI Libraries
  • Market Place
  • Telephony
  • Mailing
  • Physical Interface
  • Ci / CD
  • Device Lab
  • Infrastructure
  • Storage
  • Service Bus

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