FAQs related to TextToVoice

FAQs related to TextToVoice

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– Whose voice would the call be in? Operator or a digitally manipulated one?

Digital voice

– What’s the number of recipients you can send and dial to at a time?

You can send to hundred recipients in one request. Charged for each recipient.

– The receiver’s phone (mobile- dumb or smartphone? Landline?) will be used to call but which instrument of sender be used?

The receiver can be landlines and mobiles of Australia, India, USA – no need to register with me, call anyone under the sun

Right now my server is placing the call from a fixed Number of united states. However if you want a Custom or own Number to be the caller then for a small fee depending on duration- app will call from that Number.?? Send an email to support(at)kurtzace.com for that


-.If the called number is on call forwarding mode or on answering machine mode, how will it handle?
When the machine is?? encountered or voice mail – it will just go ahead and utter the message for the other side to record.


– If the called lines or phones are busy can the app handle this situation and get desired result?
I am still working on retry scheme. Currently I am just charging the sender anyway and I will scan the database once every weekend and reimburse ones that could not communicate -busy / not received (Reimbursements may not work for redirects or encountering of an answering/recording/equivalent machine)


4. If 100’s of messages (all different or in bulk with bunched up messages, say such and such messages to such and such numbers and many such tasks, can the app handle or it takes only same messages at a lot?
Same message – multiple recipients.?? Let me know a strategy for different message use case – I have not thought about it.

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